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Baxter Packing Machine


Baxter Malta Ltd. (manufacturer of disposable medical devices)


Baxter Malta Ltd. required a machine which automatically packs its products in boxes, labelling them in the process.


AIS has designed and constructed a machine incorporating a box-taping machine, an industrial label printer, a label applicator and a conveyor belt all seamlessly integrated into a single unit.

The machine accepts boxes of varying sizes, sealing the box and its contents with tape on all sides. The printer, linked to Baxter’s IT infrastructure, issues a barcode label and applies it on the box by means of a pneumatic arm. Sensors ensure fail-proof operation by monitoring the position of incoming boxes.Finally, a barcode scanner double-checks the position and content of the barcode label on the box before this is ejected onto another conveyor.

The machine meets all industrial specifications of construction, reliability and safety.