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Automatic packing and labeling machines

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AIS have designed and constructed a number of automatic packing machines for Baxter Limited (Malta).

Baxter, a manufacturer of disposable medical devices, required machines that automatically pack its products in boxes, labeling them in the process.

The machines have been designed and constructed by AIS specifically to Baxter's requirements, and also meet industrial specifications of construction, reliability, throughput and safety.

The design incorporates a box-taping machine, an industrial label printer, a label applicator and a conveyor belt all seamlessly integrated into a single system. The machine accepts boxes of varying sizes, sealing the box and its contents with tape at all sides.

A printer issues a label and applies it on the box by means of pneumatic arms. Barcode, datecode, client details and other data taken directly from an interface to Baxter's own IT system and printed on the label.


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