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AIS Technology is the market leader in energy management systems for industrial and commercial applications.

AIS energy management systems are geared towards reducing waste, minimising inefficiencies and saving you money. These include Building Energy Management Systems, Room Energy Management System, Electrical Submetering and Lighting Solutions.

If you are unsure as to how much you can save, our qualified energy auditors will advise you on the most cost-effective ways to reduce your utility bills.

Energy Management Portfolio

In today's energy-conscious world, no new building is complete without a reliable building management system.

Keep track of all aspects of your building through our customisable, easy to use and powerful Building Management System (BMS) from AIS Technology.


In recent years, building owners have turned to electric submetering as a way to bill tenants more accurately for electricity consumed and pre-empt tenant hassles over bills.

Ranging from single meters to a complete submetering system, AIS offers the right solution at the right price.

Energy conservation is a key concern for any hotel or business owner. Rising water and electricity bills have become huge burdens on building operators, increasing the importance of intelligent energy saving solutions. On the other hand, no environmentally friendly measure should negatively affect the comfort and well-being of guests or room occupants.

Lighting is responsible for 40% of the total energy consumed in homes and buildings.

AIS Lighting solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve ambience and provide greater control of your lighting system. With a multitude of options to chose from, ranging from LED technology to DALI intelligent lighting systems, AIS has the right lighting package for your business.