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Building Management System at Amino Chemicals

AIS have successfully completed the supply and installation of a purpose built Building Management System (BMS) at the new Amino Chemicals headquarters. The BMS system installed for this leading Italian pharmaceutical manufacturer monitors and controls key components within the building.

The BMS is constantly monitoring and controlling the air-conditioning and the ventilation systems, highlighting faults such as blocked air filters and tripped fan motors to staff as soon as they occur. Apart from ensuring comfortable operating climates, the system also offers advanced safety and security features. The BMS continuously looks out for faults in safety-critical components within the building.

All major building components are monitored and controlled via a computer screen in the engineer’s office. Malfunctioning equipment is immediately flagged on the screen, warning the facility’s engineering staff before it becomes a problem or a safety concern to any of the building’s occupants.

It is expected that the AIS Building Management System will lead to circa 20% savings in Amino Chemical’s overall electricity bill, resulting in a payback period of around 24 months.