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Building Energy Management System at Baxter Malta

Energy Use Now Under Control at Baxter

AIS delivers the latest in Energy Management with a combination of technologies

"Advanced Industrial Systems Ltd. has recently delivered  a complete Energy Management System for Baxter Ltd. This project, part-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF), combines a host of cutting-edge technologies to bring unprecedented energy-saving potential to Baxter."

Baxter-FrontIn a huge factory like Baxter, there are literally thousands of industrial machines running on a twenty-four hour basis. Fine-tuning the usage patterns of this equipment can make a huge improvement in the yearly energy bill. Recently, AIS has supplied a factory-wide computerised Building Management System for Baxter. The system is based on equipment by Trend Control Systems of the UK, one of the world’s leading companies in this field. AIS is in fact an official partner and approved system integrator for Trend Control Systems.

AIS designs and tailors BMS solutions according to the client company’s needs. In the case of Baxter, the solution has been based on three distinct strategies: electrical energy submetering, direct monitoring and control of equipment, and LED lighting technology.

At the heart of the system is the computer supervisor which provides remote monitoring, control, alarms, logging, and scheduling facilities.

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AIS is specialized in creating custom screen interfaces which make the operation of the supervisor easy and intuitive even for the casual user. In fact, Baxter’s Human/Machine interface features colour-coded plans of the factory floors and buttons clearly indicating which item of equipment is being monitored and controlled.

Electrical Energy Submetering is a new powerful tool available to plant managers. At Baxter, AIS goes a step further and brings plant submetering right to the desktop, because the BMS supervisor acts as a powerful energy monitoring tool for factory management. This system continuously records the energy consumption within the various offices, departments and manufacturing areas. 


At Baxter, A/C and lighting can now be programmed to operate at scheduled intervals. Thanks to this Energy Management System, Baxter’s factory management can now easily keep track of the big energy consumers within the factory, ensuring they only operate when needed and thus generating massive savings in terms of energy consumption.

Baxter, at the forefront of corporate sustainability initiatives both locally and worldwide, are now using AIS’s Energy Management System as a tool to further consolidate their position as a leading company in social conscience and environmental responsibility.