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Reduce energy costs with an AIS BMS

CompanyLogo"Energy savings of 10-20% can be achieved by Installing a BEMS compared with independent Controllers for each system."
Source: Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) UK

The essence of Building Management Systems and Intelligent Buildings is in the control technologies, which allow integration, automation and optimisation of all the services and equipment that provide services and manages the environment of the building concerned.

Trend Controls have remained at the cutting edge of technology with their exciting standard-setting state of the art BMS controllers. A recent addition is the supremely flexible IQ3xcite with its Ethernet communication capabilities and on-board web-server, ensuring seamless integration of IT with Building services. Such integration provides accurate graphing of energy consumption and trends, allowing for better budgeting, precise building control and above all maximum cost saving.

AIS Technology Ltd, winner of the Malta Enterprise Award in 2003, has been associated with the Trend Partner Network for close to a decade. AIS is the authorised Systems Integrator for Trend Controls in the Maltese market and has successfully integrated Trend products in many Building Management applications.

Benefits of an AIS BMS:

  • Energy cost savings as much as 20%
  • Reduced maintenance costs through equipment optimisation
  • Timely corrective actions
  • Enables well-informed energy management decisions
  • Greater control of building utilities
  • Remote status monitoring through networked systems
  • Improved environment within the building
  • Added market value of building
  • Legislation compliance (2002/91/EC: Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings)