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Baxter 073(2)In recent years, building owners have turned to electric submetering as a way to bill tenants more accurately for electricity consumed and pre-empt tenant hassles over bills.

Ranging from single meters to a complete submetering system, AIS offers the right solution at the right price.

Submetering has been proven out in the field, so the core of successful experience has grown. Moreover, it is more affordable and no longer disruptive. Submeters can be installed at relatively low cost and without the intrusiveness of powering down.

In fact, as today's owners become more aware of the benefits of submetering, they are specifying submeters into many new buildings as well as retrofits.


Electrical Sub-metering projects

AIS has introduced its own Metering and Billing solution, a user-friendly web-based software package that is especially designed for logging consumption from a wide range of meters, including Energy Meters, Water Meters and Gas Meters.

The AIS Metering and Billing solution is a fully-featured, cost-effective and customisable metering and billing system. The software package is able to automatically collect data from all meters and generate bills and invoices without the need for user intervention. This is vital for organisations that want to operate on a ‘cost-centre’ basis in their internal operations. It is also ideal for organisations that rent areas of their building to third party operators.