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Room Energy Management Systems (REMS)

Energy conservation is a key concern for any hotel or business owner. Rising water and electricity bills have become huge burdens on building operators, increasing the importance of intelligent energy saving solutions. On the other hand, no environmentally friendly measure should negatively affect the comfort and well-being of guests or room occupants.

The AIS Room Energy Management system is designed to find the right balance between energy conservation and user comfort. By controlling heating, cooling, lighting and water systems based on the occupancy inside each room, the AIS Room Energy Management system cuts down on costs whilst improving the wellbeing of your distinguished guests.

The AIS REMS wrests energy conservation control away from the tenant and into the hands of the building operator. Combining intelligent control techniques with a customisable and user friendly interface, the AIS REMS system is ideal for hotels, tourist resorts, senior living and health care facilities.


AIS REMS Benefits:

  • Optimised ambient conditions lead to significant reductions in energy bills.
  • Increased comfort and well-being of tenants and guests.
  • Vital tool for maintenance and house-keeping departments.
  • Reduce Carbon footprint

REMS Portfolio

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