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The AIS SCADA System

AIS were the first Maltese company to design and develop its own SCADA telemetry system. The AIS SCADA system ensures real time remote monitoring and control of your facilities.

Our SCADA systems provide highly reliable communications and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. They are expandable to meet your organization's growing needs.

GE Ifix


               GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY


CIMPLICITY is a client/server based visualization and control solution that helps you visualize your operations, perform supervisory automation and deliver reliable information to higher-level analytic applications. With the latest features of CIMPLICITY 8.2, including .net scripting, historian expressions for animations and scripts, alarm change approval, SOA/Workflow integration, new notification tools and the enhanced add on option digital graphical replay (DGR) 2.2, operators and engineers have the power and security to precisely monitor and control every aspect of their environment, equipment and resources. The results: faster responsiveness, reduced costs and increased profitability.




  • CIMPLICITY is a proven scalable solution for any environment
  • The Digital Graphical Replay add-on feature provides the ability to replay historical events and troubleshoot faster
  • Wide variety of options including SPC
  • Long history of providing enabling tools to upgrade legacy apps (even from unix) .NET scripting support that supports VB.net and C# and the ability to run side by side existing Basic scripts
  • Support for 100's of servers in the architecture
  • Foreground and background task capability
  • Wide variety of native drivers
  • Proficy Tracker integration
  • Historian Integration with support for historian expressions in scripts and animations
  • Zero Configuration full functionality Web Viewer


CIMPLICITY delivers:

  • Powerful full featured client interfaces
  • Capability to extend system easlily
  • API access for specific behavior
  • Integratation with ERP and other external systems
  • Powerful Visual basic style language
  • Ability to use existing IT infrastructure
  • Ability Map domain users to roles and resources in CIMPLICITY
  • Reduced Administration through innovative features
  • Native drivers and OPC device connectivity


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