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Reduce costs through a Time & Attendance solution

For many businesses, the process of manually inputting timesheets is a lengthy and frustrating procedure. Too much time is spent correcting human errors, leading to reduced productivity and an increase in costs. Manual inputting of timesheets also leaves employers vulnerable to buddy punching – the art of clocking someone in when they’re not actually there.

Biometric Time & Attendance (T&A) solutions are accurate technologies which keep track of user activity in a helpful and reliable manner, and provide numerous benefits for business owners and employers. Biometrics takes unique human physical characteristics and uses them for identification of employee identity and verification. Hand print, finger print and facial patterns are used to identify employees and note the time they have entered or left the workplace.

Automated Time & Attendance tracking solutions eliminate errors by creating accountability and transparency. They reduce labour-intense processing of payroll and help eliminate costly overpayments. Biometric T&A solutions provide robust reporting and help create a reliable audit trail to simplify compliance tasks.

Automated Time & Attendance system

Through an automated T&A solution, manual inputting is eliminated. Workforce productivity is increased as the time taken to input, check and approve timesheets is reduced drastically. Automated employee tracking also increases accountability and reduces costs as unnecessary overtime is eliminated.

Curbing “buddy punching” and fraudulent clock-ins with a manual time and attendance tracking system is nearly impossible. However, a biometric T&A solution solves this problem as employee timesheets are submitted electronically, thereby allowing business owners to know exactly when their employees clocked in or out.

Automated Time & Attendance solutions are reliable, easy-to-use and can be integrated directly with a company’s existing payroll solution. This interface allows data such as overtime, hours worked and sick leave to be integrated easily with the payroll software, thereby delivering an efficient employee payroll process.

Automating employee T&A tracking will simplify the data collection process and improve the quality of data. By reducing manual labour and eliminating errors, automated Time and Attendance solutions save time, money and give business owners peace of mind.

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