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Accounting for out-of-office employees

The working culture is changing as more people want to work remotely to balance their home and professional lives. There are growing pressures on employers to provide their employees with working out-of-office options. However, employee accountability remains a major issue with many employers and a reason as to why few companies allow it.

The traditional office routine remains a favoured model. Many leading CEOs believe that staff need to be working side-by-side to be productive saying that efficiency and quality often suffer when employees work away from the office.

Whilst working remotely is not for everyone, advances in technology are making remote working a feasible reality.

In the early 1990s, AIS Technology introduced biometric hand recognition devices instead of the traditional card punch clocks. For the first time, Maltese companies had the ability to ascertain that their employees were physically present at the place of work and not a card with their name on it. These devices changed the landscape of Time & Attendance record-keeping and over the years, AIS expanded the range of biometric technology with fingerprint and face recognition readers also being popular products.

For the past 25 years, AIS was on the forefront of innovative technology. On its anniversary, the company introduced an innovative solution for out-of-office time keeping.

TimeTec Cloud allows employees to literally punch in/out of work from anywhere in the world. Using a range of diverse technologies such as smartphones, computer logins or geo location identification, TimeTec Cloud provides employers a system by which remote workers are accountable, not only when they are working from home but also whilst servicing customers.

Happy people work better and employers need to recognise that more people are ready to work remotely and at odd hours if it means a more balanced work and home life. AIS Technology has the know-how to deliver this.