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Reducing Building Energy Costs

A common problem being faced by managers of large buildings is the seemingly runaway expenses associated with energy consumption. How does one go about stopping buildings from wasting energy, wastage which directly eats away the profits of any given organisation?

With the ever-increasing fuel and energy costs, we should be thankful that BMS technology provides an effective energy reducing solution’, said Ing. Anthony Bartolo, General Manager of AIS Technology Ltd. at a recent seminar held at the Malta Hilton.


Taking part in the seminar was the Spanish independent consultant, Eng. Fernando Cuesta, who has many years experience in energy management. This learned gentleman explained how energy wastage in buildings could be drastically reduced by means of a professionally designed building management system. He explained what constitutes a well designed BMS and detailed some of the techniques involved. Eng. Cuesta detailed how building management systems should be specified in order to give the best return on investments. In response to a question from the floor, Eng. Cuesta replied that ‘A professional BMS, as opposed to some electronic gadgets and toys, is capable of offering 20 - 30% savings in your energy bills with a typical payback period of 2 to 3 years’. As examples, he cited the recently opened Heathrow Terminal 5 and the Sigonella military airbase where properly designed and installed systems were used to provide significant energy savings. Both these major projects have been implemented using Trend controls.

Addressing over fifty leading professionals from various fields including engineers, architects and civil engineers, Mr. Domenico Di Canosa  - Trend area manager responsible for the Mediterranean Region, added ‘The key to substantial energy saving is spending your money where it matters. By monitoring and controlling your energy consumption through a proper BMS, such as the Trend/AIS building management system, gives you all that and much more!’    Mr. Di Canosa, explained how Trend had managed to build a special relationship with system integrators all over the world and expressed his satisfaction that AIS had developed its own Room Energy Management System using the Trend controller at its heart, a system which has been successfully deployed at the recently inaugurated 5-star The Palace Hotel, in Sliema. ‘As far as I know, AIS is the first Systems Integrator to develop such an REMS and I will be presenting this idea to the Trend directors as a nomination for this year’s award for technical achievement’, said Mr. Di Canosa.

Mr. Arman Saeidnia, director of Trend Controls from the USA explained Trend’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities recounting the company’s track record and how Trend has achieved its position as a global player in the international market. He also expressed his pride and satisfaction that the Institute of Mechanical Engineers has recognised this achievement and has honoured Trend with the coveted “Manufacturing Excellence Award” for 2007.  Mr. Saeidnia emphasized the fact that Trend BMS systems had the unique advantage of being backward compatible and were therefore ideal for retrofitting, whilst guaranteeing that the investment was future-proof.

Ing. Bartolo, concluded by outlining AIS’s longstanding relationship with Trend Controls Ltd. and gave an overview of AIS’s main reference projects carried out in Malta such as The Palace Hotel, The Malta Stock Exchange and the Whitehall Mansions amongst others.

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