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A Corporate Car-Free Experience

AIS Group, which encompasses diverse activities such as manufacturing, engineering design, IT, archaeology and environmental consultancy has last month tested the Group's ability to retain a business-as-usual level of service whilst at the same time reducing to a minimum the usage of company and individual employee vehicles.

This proved to be a very challenging undertaking as people were encouraged to leave the comfort of their car and try out alternative modes of transportation. The experience did leave positively interesting results both from the employee's perspective as well as from a business stand point. The event helped develop better relationships between colleagues across different levels through car-pooling. A marked increase in the employee's awareness of the environmental damage caused by cars was noted. This left a feel good factor for contributing positively towards improving the environment.

One of the employees arriving to work by bike.As an organisation this opens up a practical and quantifiable method for reducing its carbon footprint whilst as a consequence it benefits from the better integration of employees leading to better working environment and increased efficiency at the work place.

AIS Group operates a flexible hour regime and on the downside, some employees did complain that they experience increased travelling time from home to work and vice versa both as a result from car-pooling or the use of public transport. Those who preferred to ride their bicycle to work said that it saved them time from their routine workout.

To mark AIS Group's commitment towards the community, the organisation contributed towards the greening of Fgura by funding the landscaping of various open spaces.





Management and staff from AIS together with Dr. Byron Camilleri, Mayor of Fgura, planting trees

Management and staff from AIS together with Dr. Byron Camilleri, Mayor of Fgura, planting trees