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AIS Group, which encompasses diverse activities such as manufacturing, engineering design, IT, archaeology and environmental consultancy has last month tested the Group's ability to retain a business-as-usual level of service whilst at the same time reducing to a minimum the usage of company and individual employee vehicles.

This proved to be a very challenging undertaking as people were encouraged to leave the comfort of their car and try out alternative modes of transportation. The experience did leave positively interesting results both from the employee's perspective as well as from a business stand point. The event helped develop better relationships between colleagues across different levels through car-pooling. A marked increase in the employee's awareness of the environmental damage caused by cars was noted. This left a feel good factor for contributing positively towards improving the environment.

A common problem being faced by managers of large buildings is the seemingly runaway expenses associated with energy consumption. How does one go about stopping buildings from wasting energy, wastage which directly eats away the profits of any given organisation?

With the ever-increasing fuel and energy costs, we should be thankful that BMS technology provides an effective energy reducing solution’, said Ing. Anthony Bartolo, General Manager of AIS Technology Ltd. at a recent seminar held at the Malta Hilton.

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