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People Counters

People counting is the key to retail success. It's the only practical way to get a clear picture of occupancy, pedestrian flows and retail traffic. Electronic people counters from AIS can make customer behaviour transparent, revealing exactly how visitors respond in their movements around a site.



With a people counting system from AIS you can:

  • Quantify your reatil traffic, to evaluate and adapt marketing activities according to retail traffic
  • Improve customer service and reduce staff costs by matching staff levels to varying occupancy
  • Identify and make best use of low occupancy periods, for example with maintenance activities
  • Track customer paths through stores and find your retail hot spots.
  • See how new product lines or services affect your Conversation ratio
  • Identify high performing stores and pinpoint the reasons for their success.


  • Retail
  • Libraries
  • Supermarkets
  • Banking