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Access Control system at ICT Building at the University of Malta

AIS have been awarded the contract to deliver a complete Access Control system at the new Faculty of ICT building at the University of Malta. The Access Control solution provided by AIS handles the automation of the security and safety systems within the building.

The access control system was designed around the purpose of the building and the needs of its users. As a cutting edge educational facility, the access control system had to be designed to provide a secure and safe environment for staff, students and guests alike. AIS understand that security and surveillance is of prime importance to educational administrators. The access control solution supplied and installed by AIS at the Faculty of ICT Building meets the highest standards in electronic security systems, whilst also ensuring optimal staff management and student supervision features.

Access to the various sections and rooms in the building is controlled through programmable access cards, customised to the particular needs and job requirements of each individual. A specific number of doors can be controlled remotely, but can be over-ridden in case of emergency alarms such as in the event of a fire. The building has adopted an open-on-emergency policy. The access control system is crucial to ensuring that there will never be an emergency situation which traps people inside the building.

The access control system controls over 150 doors, making it one of the largest access control installations on the island. The project was part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).