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Glass Crushing Plant

AIS Technology has supplied and delivered a crushing device for glass containers at WasteServ Malta. The system allows for the crushing of glass items for various waste streams. This includes glass bottles, containers, domestic and industrial glass and can handle glass streams containing impurities such as cork, labels, metal caps and also liquids of various consistencies.

The glass crusher feed hopper includes a low hopper to allow for both manual and bulk supply. The system was designed to allow separation of non-glass objects (impurities) such as bottle tops, labels, corks, straws, and liquids. The system ensures that these items are separated from the crushed glass and stored in a separated container for the eventual disposal.

The glass crusher transforms waste containers and commercial glass into safe cullets, which are then safely stored in a receiving container at the base of the process chamber. AIS Technology delivered the complete glass crushing machine, including the necessary plant, ancillary and electrical systems. Furthermore, the installation includes safety provisions such as Emergency stopping mechanisms, Electrical/electronic protection and Fall-safe protection mechanisms.

Glass Crushing Plant at WasteServ