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Biometric Attendance verification and software

Case Study:

Biometric Attendance Verification and software


Inland Revenue Department


Time & Attendance Devices and Software for various sites in Malta and Gozo

The Inland Revenue is responsible to the Malta Government for the administration of the Income Tax and Capital Transfer Duty Acts and the enforcement of social security contributions under the direction of the Ministry of Finance.


Government organisations require a Time & Attendance Solution that can easily handle multiple shift schedules, summer and winter working schedule and frequent staff change. The Biometric HandReader and software solution provided by AIS Ltd proved to be the most suitable for the department and even reduced a major time spent on collecting time sheets. Ten HandReaders were installed at various buildings delivering the most accurate and reliable T&A data no matter how large or far away the staff base.

The Biometric HandReaders installed use the size and shape of a user's hand to identify the employee. The HandReader provides additional benefits over other biometric technologies by using hand geometry to increase reliability and reduce privacy concerns.

Consistent, accurate results are ensured because the HandReader adapts its biometric template for an individual user over time.

By using the Biometric Solution we provided, Inland Revenue department have automated the collection of T&A data.

The Biometric Solution provided eliminates buddy punching (where one employee punches in for another) and provides accurate records of Time and Attendance.

Our Web Based T&A software Thyme, has been modified to allow various shift patterns amongst other requirements to meet and exceed the needs of Inland Revenue Department