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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do LED lamps suffer with being turned on & off?

NO. Absolutely not, unlike fluorescent based lamps which have to rely on high energy 'strikes' to start the lamp and thus reduce its lifetime. LED lamps are solid state electronic devices and do not suffer with consistent on/off cycles.

Emergency Lighting

Q. Do you supply emergency based lighting?

YES - Our 2D Retrofit range includes our 2DRE and 2DRME series which combine an energy efficient lamp with integrated emergency functionality.

We will also have emergency versions of our LED Flat Panels and T8 Tubes coming soon.


Q. Do I need to remove the starter when installing T8 LED tubes?

YES. In a standard switchstart fitting, removing the existing starter and replacing it with the VI starter (supplied with the LED tube) is all that is required.

Q. Will the T8 LED tubes work in a High Frequency fitting?

YES. All you need to do is isolate the HF gear from the circuit so that mains power is supplied direct to the LED tube.

Q. Can I use a 2DR lamp in High frequency fitting?

YES. All you need to do is bypass the HF gear and connect the mains direclty to the 2DR lamp.

Lighting Efficiency

Q. What are the differences in power between LED floods and SON / Halogen

LED flood lamps produce a higher colour rendering and appear 'brighter' compared to traditional flood lamps. As a guide, our 20W Flood would be equivalent to a 300W Halogen or 70W SON, and the 50W Flood equivalent to a 500W Halogen. Our 120W dual emitter LED flood lamp would produce the same amount of light as a 400W Halide based lamp.