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AIS Technology featured in Beyond Biometrics Magazine

Pioneering the Latest Technology

AIS Technology was the first company in Malta to introduce biometric authentication technology to the local market since its establishment 25 years ago. The mission of the company has always been to be the forerunner, the forward thinker, the go-to company for anything biometrics and security. Since then, AIS Technology has been actively and aggressively promoting and distributing biometric solutions nationwide to the SMEs.

Together with their corporate clients, AIS sees the value in the latest technology and continue to embrace it going forward.

Over many years, AIS Technology has extended their portfolio to include fingerprint and face recognition in office automation, workforce and security sectors. Due to their status as a pioneer biometrics supplier, AIS Technology clients do not see the company as just another reseller but as a company that they can consult with when it comes to the latest technology in biometrics and security.

“Biometrics technology in Malta has gained its momentum lately compared to a few years back because various industries have begun to realize the benefits of this technology in the workforce and security sectors,” according to Mr Darryl Schembri of AIS. “Many people want to move from manual to automation and biometrics like FingerTec provides them the smooth transition.

Employees do not need to carry any cards or tokens and all data is kept secure in the software for future analysis. There’s no need for manual key in of data and calculation,” he added. AIS Technology has successfully installed FingerTec in various sites particularly with door access solutions.

Not just biometrics technology, AIS Technology is also a TimeTec partner in Malta. They understand the uprising of cloud technology and having TimeTec being offered as Software as a Service, once again AIS Technology emerged as the first company to push the latest technology to the market. “We are harping on the benefits of cloud solutions to our old and new clients. Apart from the obvious cost-savings benefits attached to cloud computing, having all the data accessible with you wherever you go, at any time you need it is indeed THE winning point for cloud,” said Darryl. The market starts to respond positively to the cloud solution and see it as a tool that can improve the company’s entire operations.

They have successfully subscribed clients with TimeTec TA to tackle the time attendance and scheduling matter of human resources in everyday operation. “We did experience teething problems but overall, I must say that the TimeTec TA solution works much better than the Windows-based software.” Darryl explained.

The aim of AIS Technology is to deliver innovative solutions to their clients and to maintain their position as the leader in workforce management and security systems in the Malta market. “There are various challenges we need to face and overcome as a company to maintain our position in the market, yet we see that as an opportunity to be a stronger and better company.”

AIS Technology sees the great synergy between their mission and TimeTec solutions and they are eagerly waiting for improvements and developments being made to satisfy their market needs.