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Mobile and QR code Technology for Access Control

Mobile app and QR/Barcode technology can be easily integrated into an access control system, working seamlessly with other forms of user identification. Advances in the electronic security sector means that companies now have more options than ever when it comes to building their access control solution. QR codes technology and Mobile app via NFC or Bluetooth join the traditional forms of user identification such as card/PIN/biometric technologies.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access allows employees to use their smartphone or tablet as access control credentials, thereby opening doors, gates, turnstiles and barriers through Bluetooth or NFC technology. Mobile Access delivers increased user convenience and security, whilst providing a seamless & secure working environment. Mobile Access works with a vast range of compatible devices on iOs as well as Android.

Mobile access can be used in parallel with other form of identification technologies, whilst offering a greater level of security. Mobile Access is built on a highly secure and reliable cloud platform, ensuring connectivity and and data integrity at all times. Mobile Access is a convenient, secure and innovative access control solution for any form of commercial, office or high-end residential environment.

mobile access control


QR code for Visitor Management

Access Control systems with QR code technology offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to the management of visitors within an office or facility. QR code technology can be easily integrated with RFID or PIN code readers to form a complete security solution. QR code readers are traditionally found integrated into entrance control hardware such as turnstiles, sliding or speed gates, as a means of managing visitors on a day-to-day basis. Deploying QR code readers is easy. Scanning a QR code grants access to pre-defined areas within an office. QR access control is an effective means of increasing security as well as streamlining operations. 

The system can be managed entirely by a receptionist through the Visitors Management module of an Access Control system. QR codes can be generated and printed directly via the software and sent to a user's mobile phone via email. Tickets can be printed with a thermal printer and can be carried around by visitors throughout their stay within a facility. Alternatively, QR codes can be sent directly to a mobile phone, thus reducing carbon footprint.