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Non-contact Time & Attendance for the new COVID-19 Workplace

Offices and businesses around the world are welcoming back employees to a new working environment. COVID-19 has had a profound effect on the way we work. For those companies who cannot implement work-from-home systems, ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is vital. Masks, social distancing and increased cleaning and disinfecting are some of the new requirements of a safe workplace. Technology also plays a role in fighting the spread of the virus.

As biometric technology has improved, many organisations have adopted fingerprint or facial recognition hardware as part of their Time & Attendance solution. Biometric time and attendance systems reduce payroll fraud by eliminating “buddy punching” – the practice of employees checking in for each other.

non-contact time attendance

Face recognition technology is becoming more popular thanks to its lower cost, limited maintenance and non-contact means of attendance tracking. Face recognition hardware is equipped with two cameras, one to capture the image whilst the other is a high-resolution infrared camera. The process of identifying an employee is very simple. Registering presence requires a user to just stand in front of the camera and get verified. The process is simple, straightforward and takes less than 2 seconds to work.

Non-contact attendance systems are used across several industries including manufacturing, hospitality, retail and office environments. AIS Technology, a leading HR solutions provider, has installed a number of these devices to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the payroll process.

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These devices paired with Spektrum provide the peace of mind not only for the employees but also for the HR team and management. Spektrum is an HR and Employee management software built to make the payroll process easier for HR personnel. Spektrum incorporates HR functions such as shift and roster management, overtime and short hour calculation, auto break deduction, leave and absence management and custom reports.