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Modern door Access Control technology

What is access control? Access control can be defined as a physical security solution to protect your premises against unauthorised access. Such solutions can be implemented on doors, locks, turnstiles and gates as well as vehicle barriers.

A typical installation consists of a networked controller managing several door access control readers. Web-based management software is included, handling user enrolment, security groups, credentials and access rights. Door Access Control solutions can be integrated with CCTV, fire alarm and intruder alarm systems, providing full overview and control over the security estate.  and can automatically open doors or gates in case of emergencies. Leading access control solutions include additional benefits, with functionality including Active Directory integration, APIs, Visitor Management Solutions, Card design and printing. These features are useful for IT, administration, reception and HR staff.


The software allows full management of access rights, access time brackets and credentials. Employees can access a secure area by presenting their credentials close to the access control reader. Permission into the area will be granted entry according to the security policies created within the system. You can also control which doors your employees are granted access to.

In the current COVID-19 situation, contactless media are a popular choice for safety and security reasons. Proximity card technologies vary in form, size and security standards, with the most common technology being the 13.56MHz MIFARE protocol. Physical credentials have an embedded antenna which is read by the proximity reader when placed in close range. This unique ID of the credential is linked to a user within the software to grant access to the area or areas required. Physical credentials generally come in the form of cards or tags.


Another media that is gaining ground is the use of a mobile device as a virtual credential. Virtual credentials (or keys) communicate with a door reader via Bluetooth, BLE or proximity NFC. Employees can use their mobile device as a virtual key, instead of carrying a card or tag. The main advantage of a mobile-based credential is that it is less likely to be misplaced by a user. Another advantage of Bluetooth-based credentials is the increased reading range they offer, compared to traditional proximity technology.

AIS Technology offers door access control solutions which can include a mix of physical and mobile credentials. Contact AIS Technology to find out more about our range of Access Control solutions.