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AIS Technology attended the Trend International Partner Conference 2015 which took place in Barcelona, Spain.

The event gave AIS Technology engineers and staff the opportunity to extend their relationship with Trend Controls who shared their plans, products and business updates that will underpin this partnership going forward.

For many businesses, the process of manually inputting timesheets is a lengthy and frustrating procedure. Too much time is spent correcting human errors, leading to reduced productivity and an increase in costs. Manual inputting of timesheets also leaves employers vulnerable to buddy punching – the art of clocking someone in when they’re not actually there.

Balancing effective building operation with sustainable energy management can be challenging....

Trend has a multitude of energy products and solutions which enable you to manage and control your estate and additionally there is now Trend Managed Support where Trend or a Trend Approved Partner can manage these solutions on your behalf.

FingerTec Face ID 4, the all-new powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec provides solid identity verification through its contactless biometrics technology, recognizing a face in mere seconds for accurate attendance reporting. Boasting the latest of face recognition algorithm, detecting facial features during enrollment and verification is made quicker and more accurate, and with the high-resolution camera and infrared feature, face detection is possible even under minimal light.

Malta is unlikely to reach a target set by the European Union to increase energy savings by 22% by 2020, despite reaching its 3% target for 2010. To date, there are no concrete structures in place to support major investment into much needed refurbishment and transformation of existing buildings into energy efficient facilities. Buildings currently account for around nearly 40% of energy consumption within the EU. Furthermore, with global greenhouse gas emissions set to rise over the next decade, energy efficient renovations of existing building stock are vital to meet EU targets.

The recent rise in energy costs has dramatically increased the importance of running an energy-efficient building. Cost-effective technologies and energy efficiency are fast becoming fundamental to real estate management, facilities management and operations strategy.

Two intelligent energy-saving systems available to the building owner or operator today are Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Room Energy Management Systems (REMS).

bms-rems-aisA BEMS can monitor and control services such as heating, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), ensuring they operate at maximum levels of efficiency and economy. This is achieved by maintaining optimum balance between conditions, energy usage and operating requirements.

When driving around the University of Malta ring road, one cannot help but notice the sizeable construction taking shape on the east-facing side, the side that at a certain point runs parallel to Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli. This is the new state-of-the-art building of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology that was made possible through European Regional Development Fund and Government of Malta funding, amounting to around €17 million.

The new building itself is a landmark construction on the University's Msida Campus. It is a "new building" in more than one sense. It is predominantly a steel construction with a glass outer façade. It makes use of specially engineered glass panels that are filled with an inert gas and coated with appositely calculated reflective material. The building has no windows and it is climate controlled through an advanced Building Management System (BMS). The internal climatic conditions, such as temperature, ventilation, and humidity will all be managed by an automated system.

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